Custom Software

Prairifire Software Solutions has a wide variety of custom software.  We are available to talk to you about customizing software to meet your particular business need.  Some examples of customized software that we have written in the past are listed below.

Church Membership Software - This software was written to keep track of church members' address, phone numbers, baptism and confirmation dates and family relationships of the people in the congregation.  This software also keeps track of contributions and attendance records. 

Cemetery Management Program - This program has a graphical map of your cemetery and records the name of the owners and the persons buried in the cemetery plots.  It also keeps track of perpetual care of the grave sites.

Standalone Accounts Receivable Program - This program was written for a customer who wanted to keep track of people who had purchased cemetery plots and were making payments on them.  It is also used in a church to keep track of payments for their preschool and kindergarten students' tuition.

Lumber Inventory Program - This program keeps track of different species of lumber in the various stages of drying.  There is the ability to create invoices and shipping documents also.

Machinery Maintenance Program - The lumber company mentioned above has numerous pieces of machinery that needs periodic maintenance.  This program keeps track of all the machinery and the dates that maintenance is needed.

Home Health Organization Scheduling Program - This program kept track of patients and the schedule for their home visits and the level of nursing care they needed.  The nurses were assigned to the patients based on the level care that was needed.   It created a list of patients who were to be seen that week.

Quote Program for Local Housing Developer - This program pulled various options of houses to be built and printed a very nice quote form.  This quote was then used to manufacture the homes.

OATS Trapeze Reports - We worked with OATS Transportation in Missouri to write customized reports and invoices based on the Trapeze transportation scheduling program that they were using.