City Budgeting

The Budgeting module allows the clerk to enter the proposed budget figures and the approved budget figures for the current year and for next year. This process can be a work in progress during the year. Then when the proposed figures have been approved, the approved figures can be entered. When yearend has been done, the next year budget figures can be moved to the current year budget figures with a click of a button.

Edit Budget Amounts

Reports Included:

Budget Worksheet - Print the Budget Worksheet by department and give to department heads to enter their estimated budget and the commission approved budget figures. Two prior year’s actual and approved budget figures are included for historical comparison.

Budget Report - Print the Budget Report after all the estimated and approved budget figures have been entered. This can be used as a check to make sure the correct figures were entered. It also includes two prior year’s actual and approved budget figures. 

Budget Summary - Prints totals by department without any detail for the proposed budget and approved budget figures.